Top 13 Beautiful Black Cat Breeds

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Black cats, often encased in mystery and folklore, are in reality, bundles of joy with their stunning beauty and diverse temperaments. If you’ve been contemplating adding a black feline to your family but are unsure about which breed to choose, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 13 black cat breeds that will leave you spellbound with their distinct traits and aesthetic appeal. Not only are black cats eye-catching, but they may also be healthier than their other colored counterparts.This guide will help you discover the perfect black furred feline friend for your home.

Bombay Cats

photo by WhiskerWitty

First, meet the entrancing Bombay cat. These felines, first bred in the 1950s, sport a patent-leather-like black coat that gives them an unmistakable allure.

Shining like polished obsidian, their striking appearance is sure to captivate the heart of any cat enthusiast. But their beauty isn’t skin deep—their playful yet laid-back demeanor only adds to their charm.

Chantilly-Tiffany Cats

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Don’t let the Chantilly-Tiffany cat’s long, silky black fur fool you. Elegant looking, yes, but these sweet kitties really love snuggling their humans. Sometimes called the “gentleman cat,” Chantilly-Tiffanys form deep bonds with their families.

Mellow and easy-going, they have human-focused temperaments perfect for companionship. Their semi-long locks and mesmerizing yellow or gold eyes showcase their beauty, inside and out.

American Shorthair

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Adaptable, long-lived, and easy-going – the all-American shorthair is a popular choice. They come in a range of colors and patterns, including a dense black coat and vibrant gold eyes.

American shorthairs excel as family pets, patient with children, dogs, and other animals. While calm, they remain playful and fun, thriving when active. Their trademark tufty ears and expressive eyes give them an irresistible charm. An endearing breed inside and out.

British Shorthair

photo by WhiskerWitty

Introducing the British Shorthair – often called the “fairytale cat of Russia” with its signature round face and dense triple-layer coat. These mellow, easygoing kitties charm with their plush fur, which comes in many colors including black.

Their big eyes and cheeky grin give British Shorthairs an adorable expression. Intelligent and playful, they make devoted companions. British Shorthairs love human interaction but are also content relaxing solo. Their adaptable nature suits various households. Overall, British Shorthairs are calm, gentle souls.


photo by WhiskerWitty

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the majestic Persian breed. With their long, flowing coats and endearing expressions, these cats seem like they’ve leaped out of a fairytale book and into your lap. Known for their gentle, docile demeanor, they’re a perfect fit for homes with children or seniors.

Daily grooming is essential for these beauties to keep their fur looking glamour-ready. If you’re captivated by the Persian’s charm but prefer a lower-maintenance breed, the exotic black Persian could be your answer. With their affectionate, laid-back nature, and shorter yet still stunning coat, they make for loyal and loving companions.


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Like a cuddly teddy bear, one look at the Ragamuffin cat melts hearts. Affectionate, calm, and friendly, Ragamuffins love being lap cats and follow their humans from room to room. They get along well with children, dogs, and other pets with their patient demeanor.

While Ragamuffins enjoy playtime, they’re just as happy lounging on their favorite sofa. Their thick, rabbit-like fur comes in many patterns and colors, including striking black. For an easygoing buddy cat, the endearing Ragamuffin fits the bill.


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With their sleek, elegant body and captivating almond eyes, Orientals are impossible to overlook. Available in a variety of colors, their short, fine black fur shimmers like patent leather. Energetic and playful, Orientals thrive when kept engaged. Their intelligence makes training easy. While independent, Orientals appreciate affection from their preferred humans. Their striking appearance, from dramatic ears to long tails, gives Orientals an air of mystery.

Turkish Angora

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Famous for their long, flowing, silky black fur, Turkish Angoras resemble princely statues come to life. Playful and energetic, they love games and tower climbing. Their intelligence makes them fast learners but also mischievous escape artists! Though independent, Turkish Angoras will shower affection on their chosen humans. Their sparkling eyes draw you in for a closer look at their regal elegance.


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Famous for their long, silky black fur, Turkish Angora cats conjure images of royalty. Their lush, smooth coats invite petting. But Turkish Angoras are also energetic and playful, often retrieving toys and showing off their athleticism. Though independent, they appreciate affection from their loved ones. With their luxurious fur and captivating green or blue eyes, Turkish Angoras are impossible to resist.


photo by WhiskerWitty

Hairless cats like the Sphynx challenge common feline perceptions. But even this unique breed sports striking black sable fur as kittens. Beyond their eye-catching looks, Sphynxs win fans with their silly, affectionate personalities.

Energetic and intelligent, they thrive on interaction and play. Their warm, soft skin makes them irresistible to pet. For a uniquely endearing black cat, the Sphynx’s hairless body and big personality add character.

Norwegian Forest Cat

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Hailing from Norway, the Norwegian Forest Cat boasts a long, thick black coat perfect for cold climates. They’re powerful, agile cats adapted to the outdoors. But their loving personality also makes them devoted indoor companions. With black fur, intelligent green eyes and sweet expressions, Norwegian Forest Cats will steal your heart as well as admire their beauty.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon (Black Variant) WhiskerWitty
photo by WhiskerWitty

Known for being super friendly gentle giants, Maine Coon cats charm fans worldwide. As America’s native longhair breed, Maine Coons have a rugged, wilderness-ready look, including beautiful black coats. But their lovable temperament steals the show. These smart, playful cats make great family pets with enough space. Their gorgeous black fur only adds to the appeal of these snuggly giants.

Scottish Fold

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Last but certainly not least, let’s delight in the Scottish Fold breed. These cats are instantly recognizable with their unique folded ears, giving them an almost owl-like appearance. Known for their sweet and gentle temperaments, they’re real darlings.

But the charm doesn’t stop there. Scottish Folds also come in a stunning black coat, adding an extra layer of allure to this already captivating breed. If you’re looking for a cat with a distinctive look and a friendly nature, the black-coated Scottish Fold could be your purr-fect match!


With so many awesome black cat breeds to pick from, there’s a perfect furry friend out there for every feline fan. From sleek lookers like the Bombay to fluffy cuddle bugs like the Norwegian Forest Cat, black kitties come in all types. And their personalities are just as diverse – from human-loving lap warmers like the Chantilly-Tiffany to independent adventurers like the Turkish Angora.

Whether you want an affectionate buddy or a striking show cat, these black beauties have you covered. Their lush dark coats and magnetic eyes give them an alluring vibe. If you’re looking for a bewitching feline to make your home more fun, why not open your heart and home to one of these gorgeous black kitties?

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